The story of tech discovery

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In the early days, innovators worked alone, figuring things out in the quiet of their study, deep into the night. ...Or did they?

Actually not. They traveled the world, attended conferences, joined academies, networked, met in coffee houses. All in order to gain knowledge, trigger new thought processes, and to innovate stronger.

But they needed the resources to afford this. Not surprisingly, many innovators came from wealthy families. Others depended on rich benefactors.

Let's fast-forward in time. Enter the world wide web.

Somewhere on the web, there are companies, people, and ideas that could help you innovate stronger.

Mergeflow helps you discover them. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze tech and business contents for you. 

This gives you a 360° view quickly. It provides you with insights that used to take weeks and months to obtain.

You don't need rich benefactors for this

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