Stay in the know on machine learning applications

Imagine you work in a technology company that operates across Electronics, Energy, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, and Robotics. Let’s say that you are interested in machine learning applications within and across these business units. This may include topics such as recent developments in machine learning hardware, or new approaches such as “small data” or “learning from just a few training examples”.

We also use this scenario, discovering and tracking developments within and across adjacent tech fields, in our article on collaborative tech discovery. This article shows you how you can use Mergeflow Teams.

As you know, the speed and volume of R&D and business news from across machine learning topics is staggering. So if you want to track all of this, while spending no more than 5-10 minutes of your day on this, you need help.

How to use Mergeflow for continuous discovery

We have built Weekly360s to help you stay in the know. Weekly360s are machine-generated email update reports that tell you what happened in your fields of interest over the course of the last week. Currently, our Weekly360s cover four areas: Venture Capital Fundings, Market News, R&D, and News & Blogs. You can read more about the data in these categories by clicking here.

Here is an example of what an ‘R&D Weekly360’ for machine learning applications would look like on your smartphone:

Mergeflow's Weekly360 email update reports keep you in the know on machine learning applications in areas such as "solar energy", "wearables", or "wind power".
An ‘R&D Weekly360’ on Machine Learning Applications.

Here is another example, this time a Weekly360 with updates on venture investments:

A 'Venture Capital Investments Weekly360' on Machine Learning Applications.
A ‘Venture Capital Investments Weekly360’ on Machine Learning Applications.

The Weekly360s also label each finding with the topic(s) that match the finding.

Can I try this?

Yes. You can sign up here:

Do you have such services for other topics as well?

Yes, one such service lets you track innovations that support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the other service focuses on digital industry innovations.


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