Digital industry innovations across R&D and business

What is “digital industry”?

By “digital industry”, we mean a combination of industrial technologies (e.g. manufacturing or infrastructure) with computing or digital representations. For example, we would say that digital twins, industrial IoT, building automation, or predictive maintenance are digital industry.

Of course, all these topics are quite big already, and they keep growing. You can see this growth everywhere: in venture investments, markets, patenting, R&D, or in general interest, as evidenced by news and blogs.

I only have 5-10 minutes per day to check innovation updates. What’s the most effective way for me to do this?

At Mergeflow, we have built Weekly360s. Weekly360s are machine-generated email update reports that tell you what happened over the past week in your fields of interest. Currently, we have four types of Weekly360s: Venture Capital Fundings, Market News, R&D, and News & Blogs. They are sent out, spread over four days of the week.

So, if you only have 5-10 minutes per day to check innovation updates, you can subscribe to Mergeflow Weekly360s. Here, for example, is what an R&D Weekly360 on digital industry innovations would look like:

Weekly360 email update report from Mergeflow on digital industry innovations.
An R&D Weekly360 on digital industry innovations.

In order to make the Weekly360s more differentiated, we also included topics from Computing (e.g. edge computing or artificial intelligence), Electronics (e.g. wearables or printed electronics), Energy (e.g. battery technology or smart grid), Materials and Manufacturing (e.g. additive manufacturing or bioplastic), and Transportation (e.g. electric vehicles or Car2X).

As you can see in the screenshot above, if a finding is relevant to any of these topics as well, the Weekly360 points this out to you. For example, the paper…

A Hybrid Energy Harvesting Design for On-Body Internet-of-Things (IoT) Networks

…is relevant to Wearables as well as Industrial Automation. Mergeflow’s analytics determines this by analyzing the contents of new findings. This capability is central to Mergeflow Teams, which enables collaborative tech discovery for you and your team.

Great! Where can I subscribe?



Do you offer similar services for other topics as well?

Yes, we do. One such service focuses on innovations that support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Check out our article on “How you can track United Nations SDG innovations”.

Our other free service lets you track machine learning applications.

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